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COVID-19 Return to play

Volleyball Development Camps are delighted to be able to welcome campers back after this enforced layoff.

Our number one aim has always been to make our camps an enjoyable but above all else a safe experience for everyone involved. As I am sure you can imagine we face new challenges in running camps and we have been working with both Volleyball England and ACS International Schools while also casting an eye on what is being done in other countries to make our camps as safe as possible.

We will be adopting the Volleyball England “Return to Play” requirements and recommendations as well adhering to ACS’s enhanced Campus security protocols, which includes the following: –

  • The camps will be operating within their own “Bubble” on the Campus with specific Drop Off and Pick Up points.
  • A dedicated entry point into the Sports Centre away from other users.
  • Temperature checks
  • Dedicated toilet facilities exclusively for camper use.
  • Each camper will have their own separated area for storing their bags, water bottle(s) and taking breaks.
  • Regular breaks for drinks and sanitising.
  • Equipment including the balls will be sanitised at regular intervals throughout the camp.
  • Drills designed to minimise close contact.

While we are doing everything that we can to minimise the risk of campers and coaches at the camp it simply is not possible to mitigate all risks related to COVID-19 and people attending our camps must accept that residual risks will still exist.

BEFORE attending the camps it is necessary to completed the following forms.

  • ACS COVID-19 screening form will be updated for each camp.

  • Volleyball Development Camps Additional Declaration Screening form

  • Volleyball Development Camps COVID Precautions Notice

DURING the Camp, in addition to all the usual things that campers should remember to bring such:-
Indoor shoes
Knee Pads
Water bottle
Any medicine such as Inhailers, Epipens etc

Please also remember to bring

  • Hand Sanitiser – This will mean less queuing during sanitisation breaks

  • Extra Water – Less queuing to refill water bottles

  • Face Mask – For any time that social distancing is not possible

First Stepz/Pathways Weekend

October 23, 2021 @ 10:00 - October 24, 2021 @ 14:00

Volleyball training requires a disciplined approach to the sports. At a young age, from 10 to 12 for instance, attention spans tend to be short and energy tends to be boundless, so discipline can be a tall order on the court. A year or two later, after a bit of exposure to the sport, the [...]

Training at all levels – including the highest ones – involves reinforcing ball-handling skills, so that aspect of your game won’t be neglected. But at this camp athletes who are planning their volleyball future to progress into the higher levels of the game will begin to polish up the skills and techniques they must absolutely have mastered in order to compete in performance volleyball. While it is about making sure your ball-handling skills are technically correct, it will also teach you to know how to recognise and focus on the tactical skills you will acquire as your game progresses.

Mid-Season Boost: Fine Tuning for National League Athletes

December 20, 2021 @ 09:00 - December 22, 2021 @ 13:00

Who couldn't do with a boost This is real volleyball, where points are all that matters; where there’s no mercy and no regrets. Those first few games might have been a bit shakey, so how about dedicating a little mid-season training time to fine-tuning the parts of your game that were causing you concern? This is no generic camp. It is your chance to take a specific skill issue you want to remedy and work with National League team coaches, players and officials to fix it. Who it's for This camp is aimed at athletes competing at a National League Level, if there is sufficient interest, we’ll open up a court for county league athletes, too. Age c16 - 22+ (ADULTS Welcome)


Useful Links

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UK Government COVID-19 Advice

UK Government hub page for COVID-19 issues including details of International travel restrictions and lockdown measures.

ACS International Schools Return to school pages

Details of the steps being taken by ACS International Schools to ensure the learning environment is as safe as possible