English language training

Volleyball Development Camps has been offering English language training for four years at one camp, but now offers it, in a different form, at each of its week-long summer camps.

Formerly, the language tuition was provided by a prestigious international school, which brought athletes onto its campus for morning sessions in its language laboratory, and with tutors. Instruction focused on grammar and vocabulary.

Over time, parents expressed a preference for their children to concentrate on the improvement of conversational skills. Most athletes had some English language coursework at school, where vocabulary and grammar were the main focus; what the parents wanted was for their children to gain in confidence in their use of English.

VbDC has changed its program to bring qualified tutors into the gym, or to accompany athletes on social or cultural outings; if desired, they can also work in a private setting on direct language tutoring, at the athlete’s residence or before or after training hours.

The change to a tutoring system allows parents to tailor the language lessons to their budget, and it makes it possible not just for athletes to have language training at one camp, but at all the VbDC camps. Fees are charged at industry standard rates.

By bringing conversational skills tutoring into surroundings in which English is the lingua franca for all athletes, coaches, host families, youth hostel staff, sports performance analysts, guest speakers and administrators, the athlete seeking to improve his or her language skills is playing their favourite sport in the perfect environment to practice English.

English Language Training at the Emerging Elite Camp

VbDC has teamed up with Ardmore Language Schools to bring experience, quality and a holistic approach to training spoken English at our camps. Our language tutor will be available for the entire week and will be staying in our residential accommodation along with the athletes and chaperones. Some classroom based tutoring will take place around the volleyball training times and the tutor will also accompany our language students on social activities, where they will be encouraged to take the lead in communications, such as purchasing tickets and buying ice creams for the larger group.

Students will receive:

* Access to our tutor (Enhanced security checked) from Sunday – Saturday, the entire week of the camp.
* Group lessons with our tutor, as well as tutor support on arranged activities and some of the volleyball training sessions.
* An English language workbook and course materials
* An Ardmore International Diploma.

What Ardmore say; “We teach ‘spoken English’ which is up-to-date, relevant and designed to really help students improve communication skills. Lessons include plenty of opportunities for students to use the language. Activities include role-play, pair-work, group-work, group projects, surveys, questionnaires and games. Emphasis on communication helps students to use English for a variety of purposes and in a variety of situations. The aim is simply to build students’ knowledge and confidence of speaking English.”

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