English language training

Volleyball Development Camps began offering half-day English language training at one camp, but now offers it in a different form, in a dedicated 12-day programme.

In the beginning language tuition was provided by a prestigious international school, which brought athletes onto its campus for morning sessions in its language laboratory and with tutors. Instruction focused on grammar and vocabulary. Over time, athletes and parents expressed a preference for a curriculum that would concentrate on the improvement of everyday conversational skills. Most athletes had taken English language courses at school, where vocabulary and grammar were the main focus. What parents wanted was for their children to gain confidence in their use of English; what the athletes wanted was to get out of the classroom and into places where they could interact with others – including their peers – in the English language.

VbDC has changed its programme to bring qualified tutors into the gym or to accompany athletes on social and cultural outings; if desired, they can also work in a private setting on one-to-one language tutoring at the athlete’s dormitory before or after training hours.

Building conversational skills in surroundings in which English is the lingua franca for all athletes, coaches, chaperones, dormitory and restaurant staff, sports performance analysts, guest speakers, street vendors and service providers is known as “immersive” tutoring. It enables the athlete who seeks to improve his or her English language skills while playing their favourite sport.

Students will receive:

* Access to a registered language tutor for 12 days.
* Group sessions with the tutor, as well as language support on arranged outings and activities and at volleyball training sessions.
* English language course materials.

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