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Terms and Conditions

Payments and refunds

  1. For camps longer than two days 50 percent of the tuition fee is payable at the time of booking. The remainder must be paid no less than 45 days prior to the date of the camp. Fees for accommodation, or any costs additional to the tuition (e.g. special needs, excess transport costs, etc.) must be paid in full 30 days after registration, and in any case no later than 45 days prior to the date of the camp. Registrations received less than 45 days prior to the date of the camp require tuition and additional fees to be paid in full at the time of registration.

For camps two days and under payment must be received at the time of booking.

  1. Enrolment at a camp cannot be reserved until initial payment is received. As reservation indicates only the intention to attend, registrants for camps with limited enrolment should be aware that completion of full payment is considered the commitment to attend, and secures enrolment.
  2. In case of cancellation, a full refund, minus an administration fee of up to £150, can be made if the booking is cancelled more than 90 days before the camp. Between 90 and 60 days a refund for half the amount will be made, and under 60 days 25 percent of the fee will be returned. Withdrawal from the camp while it is in progress, or non-attendance at a camp session will not constitute a condition for refund.

4. Card users should be aware that fees for certain services (e.g. currency exchange) may be added to credit or debit card transactions made via the VbDC website. Any such fee is charged by, and the responsibility of, the facilitating company. Information on other methods of payment, such as electronic bank transfers or checks, can be provided on request.

5. Campers are to arrange for their own medical and travel insurance, to cover personal illness and injury; property theft, loss or damage; and disruption to or failure of travel arrangements.

  1. Fees quoted by VbDC do not include travel fare or personal spending money. Travel to and from activities scheduled for camp participants is included in the costs, except in cases where travel to an event is exceptional; any such costs will be noted in the fee structure.
  2. From time to time VbDC will offer special discounts to national federations, clubs or groups of multiple registration. Persons affiliated with these organizations should seek advice from the organization on procedures for qualifying for the appropriate discount.

Services and environment

  1. Campers who cause repeated disruption or impede the course can be dismissed and there will be no refund of fees; return transport charges will be met by the dismissed camper. Organizers reserve the right to dismiss any camper who has persistently caused disruption; who has repeatedly disregarded requests or instructions regarding safety or social behavior; who has been responsible for consistently unsportsmanlike conduct; or who has in any way caused individuals or the group as a whole to be unable to participate in the organized course material in an appropriate environment. In the case of such a dismissal being necessary, a written explanation for the reasons for dismissal will be provided. The decision of the organizers in such instances is final.
  2. Organizers will endeavor to provide an environment, all appropriate services, individual assistance and advice necessary to make the camp a rewarding and educational experience for the camper. As all camp activities are group events, the organizers will endeavor to provide them for the group as a whole first, with any specific, non-emergency personal assistance having a second priority. Campers and their families are expected to take part in the camp in this spirit of group participation.

10. Campers are responsible for the care and possession of their personal belongings. VbDC will not be held liable for loss or damage to any personal items brought to the camp. Campers may not wear any jewelry, clothing or items considered dangerous in a sports environment at the training sessions.

  1. VbDC will undertake to find the most appropriate personnel for training, lectures and support in its sports tuition. Coaching staff will, apart from exceptional circumstances, be affiliated with Volleyball England or the national volleyball association of their home country, and hold appropriate coaching qualifications in their home country. In the case of UK resident personnel, VbDC will require UK DBS (child safety) checks to have been made. Coaches from other countries will be asked to provide similar certification from their home country.
 Any staff members who do not fulfill these requirements will be accompanied at all times by a VbDC officer who possesses the necessary certification.
  2. When private housing is provided, the host family will be vetted by VbDC, which will be the primary contact with the host family. If required, VbDC can arrange for the host family and parents of the camper to be introduced.
  3. During the course of a camp, when campers are under the supervision of VbDC personnel, the campers may not leave the course without the written permission of the camper’s parent or guardian. When a course is in session, the camper will be expected to remain in the immediate vicinity of the activities.
 Departure from the controlled area constitutes grounds for immediate dismissal on the grounds provided in note 7.
  4. VbDC reserves the right to make changes to its provision of services when in the best interests of the program and the athletes.


  1. All required documentation must be completed and submitted before the camper is permitted to take part in any session.
  2. Campers must provide a full history of any injuries, disorders or illnesses that may need to be taken into consideration in the supervision of the camper. VbDC will not be responsible for exacerbation of any such conditions about which it has not received full details.
  3. Official documents for the confirmed transport arrangements for the camper, or copies, must be provided to the organizers in advance of travel.

VbDC reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time, and without prior notice.