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Skillz Camp

The Skillz Camp is for students 13-16 who have made the commitment to volleyball as one of their principal sports, and who have a stronger physical structure, know and can follow the principals of attack and defense, have begun to acquire a sense for the tactical game, and are already playing competitively for their school or club.

The weekend camps are limited to a 10-hours over two consecutive days for a reason. Whatever dedication a student-athlete has to the sport of volleyball, at the skills levels and ages these camps are designed for, student-athletes have not yet developed the reflexes, strength and stamina required to maintain an intense five-day training level. Even athletes with a more advanced skill-set may not be ready for the daily eight-hour regime of elite training – but they can take the first steps toward that by participating in the weekend camps and using those lessons in their school or club matches.

Though the drills may not be as complex as those performed by elite athletes, the training at VbDC weekend camps is no less intense. There is a strong emphasis on students learning self-discipline, communication and teamwork, a growing mastery of which is needed in order to progress to the next level of training.

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