Emerging Elite Camp

VbDC has recognized the need for a programme to implement the transition between the Skills acquisition phase and Performance training which began with the Skillz Plus Camp. Emerging Elite is for committed volleyball players aged 14 to 18+. The week-long camp will concentrate on a team-based, game simulation curriculum.

Emerging Elite is led by one of our experienced coaches and takes place in West Surrey’s best volleyball facility and features a coach-to-player ratio of approximately 1:6; all coaches are either experienced at national team or national league level, or participate in US university volleyball or national league clubs. The camp is international and will include residential players from other countries, many of whom attend to take the English language tuition that is available as an option.

Volleyball is not an easy sport to learn – it takes the average person about a year of regular playing just to pick up the fundamental skills – and playing volleyball at a decent competitive level requires either many years of seasonal play, or year-round training and competition. The entire process must be carefully organized in stairsteps, which start with players learning the basic skills, positions and game strategy. Once those skills become ingrained, the player can then transition into team drills in performance-based training. The VbDC entry level Performance course focuses on an intensive regime that hones the mental approach, fine tunes the rally tactics, builds stamina and strength and, hopefully, creates players who could become university scholarship recipients, national league players or even Olympic champions. But make no mistake: it is a long, hard road to attain that level of ability.

Residential options are available for this camp, with athletes staying at the Royal Holloway University campus, which is just up the road from the gym at the ACS Egham International School. Transfers between the venues, full meals and evening entertainment are included. Please contact us for more details.

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