No one VbDC camp addresses all volleyball abilities. An athlete who has playing for two years cannot learn the game properly  if he or she must train alongside athletes who have never been on a volleyball court – or those who are playing for their national team.  There is a hint in our name: Volleyball DEVELOPMENT Camps. We use a stairstepped approach to training which places athletes of similar ability together in a single camp, and focuses on developing the skills they need to master before moving on to the next level.

VbDC uses the very best facilities and skilled coaches to take a holistic approach to volleyball coaching. Athletes receive quality coaching in all aspects of their game at both a technical and tactical level. There are break-out sessions to challenge and inspire. We extensively use video analysis to aid our campers learning process. We employ coaches and assistant coaches who bring a wealth of experience to our camps having been involved either as coach of a national squad, as a developmental coach for the national/regional squad, or as a player on a national squad.

We work with UK based equipment suppliers to offer our campers the opportunity to try out and buy volleyball supplies, such as shoes and knee pads. Each camper at the Elite camp will receives a perzonalised report and development programme.

The one thing about everyone involved with Volleyball Development Camps is a shared passion for the sport whether as a player, teacher, coach or referee.

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