VbDC is the oldest commercial volleyball training organisation in the United Kingdom. It began as a simple, single summer camp for all ranges of athletic ability, and has moved on to offer seven levels of training, and a variety of other service such as language training, and scholarship searches. But the core of our activities is the training, conducted through a range of weekend camps, workshops and week-long residential and day camps.

Today there are seven levels of training in the VbDC curriculum, along with one-day workshops for positional players, programmes to help mature recreational players enjoy the game more, English language tuition for athletes from abroad, and outreach activities for schools and leisure centres. A VbDC event takes place every month. Young athletes aged 8 to 22 participate in training tailored to a particular level of ability. Aspects of the game covering players’ technical form and game tactics are introduced from early ages. Guest speakers discuss the game during lunch breaks, professional and national teams have joined the training sessions, and sports science specialists analyse individual performance. Many athletes return year after year and progress through the range of camps. Some have become friends in whom VbDC has taken an active involvement in helping them chart their sports future.

Activities have grown off court, too, with VbDC assisting athletes in their search for scholarships to US and Canadian universities, organizing courses for the qualification of game officials, and sponsoring local clubs. A sister company, Top Flight Volley, retails training equipment, balls, shoes, accessories and clothing.

But the founding guideline on which VbDC was founded has not changed over time: Assemble highly qualified coaches in the best facilities available and create a course of instruction that will help disciplined, dedicated volleyball athletes take their performance to a higher level.

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