Enquiry Form

Would you like to learn more about Volleyball Development Camps programmes, or about one camp in particular? The form below can be used to send us an enquiry.

The form asks for a few general details, which help us be more accurate in our response to your enquiry. This information is kept only for the purpose of providing a reply. In keeping with new data protection regulations, it will not be shared with any outside organisation. It will be removed from our database after our initial contacts if you wish it to be removed.

Why do we ask for this information?

  • Very general personal details, such as age and gender, enable us to know who we are discussing.
  • If we know the athlete’s location and dates of availability, we will have an idea whether the athlete is likely to require a residential or language option, and for us to be prepared to help with transport and tutoring arrangements, if necessary.
  • Some questions we ask about the athlete’s playing history and club association enable us to make a better recommendation on the type of camp they will benefit most from attending.

Please take the time to fill out the form if you wish to learn more about VbDC activities. The data will be used only to help you make the right choice for the athlete on whose behalf you are enquiring.