Pathways Camp

Pathways is the VbDC program for 10-to 14-year-olds who have some limited experience of volleyball, either as a recreational game or their first years of competitive play.

 The curriculum is designed for those who have decided they want to make volleyball one of their regular athletic activities and who are prepared to commit to long- term training.

The camp is held during a weekend and the campers are placed into groups commensurate with their experience and skill level. The course is designed by a head coach who has a recognised track record in work with junior development, and coaches are assigned to each group to work with individual campers.

Skills taught during the weekend involve the refinement of basic ball handling to set up and complete an attack, the development of defensive actions such as the underhand pass, court coverage and block, and the serve and service receive formation. The first elements of tactical awareness are also introduced.

Physical fitness is not as important for Pathways campers as it is for the more advanced courses, but the drills nevertheless do involve a degree of stamina, strength and agility. A player’s ability to learn from the drills will depend to a degree on their physical fitness and willingness to participate in physically exerting activities.

Campers must have a working knowledge of the basic rules of the game and be able to demonstrate a reasonable level of ball control.

Pathways is a program that introduces the mental discipline required to play the game properly, and therefore campers are expected to make a commitment to take part in all the drills and training sessions, to show respect and encouragement to those campers who do not have as much ability as themselves, and to demonstrate a capacity to work with their coach to become a better player.

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