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gala volleyball


The only European manufacturer of FIVB approved match balls, Gala’s Pro-Line BV5591S has just been re-certified by the global governing body, and thus is eligible for use in Volleyball England sanctioned matches. Like a certain condiment, match balls are one of those things volleyball players either love or hate, and more are beginning to have a particular fondness for the Pro-Line. Find out if it is the right ball for your club with our limited offer of a four pack of these balls plus a carrier bag, for £150 (excluding p&p).

4 Pack – Only £150

Mueller k-tape


It’s not magic, but K-Tape does do wonders for athletes by lifting the surface layers of skin to improve healing of the muscles and ligaments below. It permits you to play your game in greater comfort: less pain, more game. Some tapes are better than others and Mueller’s kinesiology tape is some of the best we’ve found. For a limited time we’re offering six pack boxes at a reduced price. £36 (excluding p&p).

Only £36

Errea Shorts Womens

Errea Shorts

Errea Donna shorts are pretty much the volleyball standard. We sell scores of them at tournaments, and are making them available at a reduced price on this website – but for just a “short” time. £12 (excluding p&p).

Only £12

sports item

Park and Sun Sports

Before we decided to offer a setting target we looked at a half dozen designs. The Park & Sun Spectrum Precision Trainer struck us as the one to offer. Its sturdy construction and no-frills, no-gimmicks design is what sold us. You can get fancier kit, but you can’t get better value. £235 (excluding p&p).

Only £235