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Intermediate players who were making their move into advanced volleyball when Covid struck may be finding it difficult to get back to their pre-pandemic form. They need to concentrate on the fine points, rather than the basics, of their technique. Are your hips in the right position when you serve? Do you create a solid platform with your forearms when you pass the ball? Are you getting maximum vertical height in your approach to attack?

Training at all levels – including the highest ones – involves reinforcing ball-handling skills, so that aspect of your game won’t be neglected. But at this camp athletes who are planning their volleyball future to progress into the higher levels of the game will begin to polish up the skills and techniques they must absolutely have mastered in order to compete in performance volleyball. While it is about making sure your ball-handling skills are technically correct, it will also teach you to know how to recognise and focus on the tactical skills you will acquire as your game progresses.

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