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Volleyball training requires a disciplined approach to the sports. At a young age, from 10 to 12 for instance, attention spans tend to be short and energy tends to be boundless, so discipline can be a tall order on the court. A year or two later, after a bit of exposure to the sport, the young athlete is ready to take on more complex challenges as he or she prepares play structured games.

In both cases, it takes a coach familiar with the ways of young children as well as having a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of volleyball to give young athletes a proper introduction to the sport.

The VbDC solutions are the First Stepz and Pathways camps, where volleyball coaches who specialise in the training of young athletes create an atmosphere of fun in which games and challenges require the movement, control and communication skills that form the foundations of structured volleyball.
Many of these coaches are classroom teachers, the best communicators to youngsters you will find anywhere. They know exactly how to teach volleyball basics to a young athlete when all that athlete has on their mind is having a good time.

Age 10-15
Registration ends 15 October.

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