VbDC’s head coach for the 2018 Elite Camp, Luke Thomas, has teamed up with former England juniors coach Carol Gordon, who has also coached a VbDC camp, to become commentators for Volleyball England’s web streaming of games and tournaments. They made their debut in Kettering, Northamptonshire on the final day of the National Junior Championships, and feedback on their game analysis was sufficiently positive for them to be invited back to do further work in future streaming.

Luke Thomas

Their first effort at commentating was made technically smoother than the experience another team of anchors had on the previous day, after repairs were made to a breakdown in the audio link which had interrupted the new streaming service. But their ability to present as a team was due to work that began many years before: Gordon was Thomas’s coach when he was a member of the England Cadet squad from 2000 to 2002.