Language Camp

Introduced in 2015 the VbDC Summer English Language and Volleyball Camp offers a week of English language tuition in the mornings, followed by afternoons of volleyball training.

It is the first such language/sports programme of its type in the world, bringing the growing worldwide involvement in volleyball to the genre of language/sport camps that have served basketball, football, skiing and other athletic endeavours for many decades.

The language/sports camp is designed for students aged 14-18 who have taken introductory courses in English and have made a commitment to improving their language skills. Student-athletes will also have played competitive volleyball with their school or local club, and have attained a basic level of competence on the court.

VbDC’s volleyball camps are based on a commitment to training in order to perform at the highest possible level on the court, and the new language/sport camp has been devised in that same ethos.

The regimented programme is demanding of a student’s mental and physical skills, abilities and self-discipline. It has been organized with three neighbouring educational institutions in Surrey, England, all located a half hour from Heathrow Airport. The institutions, within five kilometres of each other, have been chosen for the quality of their academics, training facilities and experience of working with overseas students.

The English language course is a British Council accredited programme focussing on the main skill areas of grammar, speaking, writing, and reading. Volleyball training is led by by our highly experienced Head Coach, who will supervise a team with an athlete-to-coach ratio of approximately 6:1 to ensure individual attention in skills development. Residency and board is at the Royal Holloway University dormitories in Egham, Surrey, which hosts the third largest overseas student body in the United Kingdom.

Days start at the prestigious TASIS International School in Thorpe, Surrey, where tutors guide students through a personalised English language tuition program with students from 35 nations; in the afternoon the student-athletes transfer to the nearby ACS International School for training in one of the best-equipped volleyball facilities in Surrey. The base for students, and where they will reside during the week,  is Founder’s Hall at Royal Holloway University. Evening activities will be based at the university, where further volleyball training and recreational games can take place in the university’s new gymnasium, or where outings to local sights can be arranged.

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