Volleyball is a truly international sport and we have been fortunate to welcome volleyball friends from around the world to our camps and of course the great thing about the sport is that wherever you are in the world you will most likely find a game going on. So to help we have got this language guide with some common volleyball terms.

If your language is not included and you can help with some translation please contact us and we can put you to (unpaid) work.

Volleyball pallavolo voleibol , vôlei volleyball  volleybal Volleyball
Ball palla bola ballon (object) “balle” bal Ball
Court campo quadra terrain terrein Feld
Line  linea linha ligne lijn Linie
Net rete rede filet net Netz
Match partita partida, jogo  match  match Spiel
Game gioco match / jeu match Spiel
Team  squadra time, equipe équipe ploeg Mannschaft
Coach allenatore técnico, treinador entraineur trainer Trainer/in
Referee arbitro árbitro, juiz arbitre arbiter / scheidsrechter Schiedsrichter/in
Set set set set set Satz
Point punto ponto point punt Punkt
Error errore erro erreur fout Fehler
Fault fallo falta faute fout Fehler
Double Contact doppia dois toques doublé dubbel Doppelfehler
Tie Break tie-break tie-break tie-break tie-break Auszeit
Substition sostituzione substituição remplacement vervanging Auswechel
Bench panchina banco de reservas banc bank Bank
Bench Player riserva jogador reserva remplaçant wisselspeler / reserve Auswechselspieler/in
Rotation rotazione rodízio, rotação rotation rotatie Rotation
Area zona, posto (area 1 – zona 1, posto 1) posição zone, poste positie ?
Out fuori fora dehors (“out” is widely used) buiten / out Aus
Front Row prima linea front raw – rede au filet, à l’avant aan het net am Netz
Back Row seconda linea fundo de quadra des 3 m, aux 3 m (= “from the 3 m line”) de 3meterlijn Hinterfeld
Attack / 3m Line linea dei tre metri linha de três metros ligne des 3 mètres de 3 meterlijn Drei-Meter-Linie
Nine meter line linea dei nove metri linha de fundo ligne du fond achterlijn Neun-Meter-Linie
Team formation formazione formação composition d’équipe ploegsamenstelling Aufstellung