Jess Grimson, who decided to devote her sports career to volleyball after attending a VbDC camp, reached the quarter finals of the beach volleyball competition at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games with her partner Vicki Palmer.

Grimson attended one of the first VbDC camps as a teenager, when she was being courted by a US university to play football. Active in a variety of sports, Grimson had also taken a serious interest in volleyball and was undecided which of the two sports she wanted to focus on. Years later, as a guest speaker at a VbDC Elite Camp, she told her audience that her experience at the camp had been a factor in her decision to concentrate on the court game, which eventually led to her move to sand.

In a recent interview posted on the Volleyball England website, Grimson said one of the athletes who had inspired her to move into the sand game was Lucy Boulton, who has previously coached at a VbDC camp