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TWO DATES AVAILABLE :- #1 – 24th – 28th June, #2 – 29th July – 2nd August (Accommodation ONLY available for the first camp) .  The Emerging Elite Camp is for athletes who have made the commitment to year-round intense training and competition. The athlete may have played competitive volleyball sporadically or on a seasonal basis, but now considers volleyball their pre-eminent recreational activity.

Originally created for athletes who had started playing year-round club ball and were ready to move into adult competition, this camp soon became popular with athletes in international school varsity programs, university athletes, and athletes contemplating eventual national league-level or competing for a university sports scholarship. Junior club players who have several years of year-round training find that the experience of working under a different coach with an international background introduces them to new styles of team play and tactics, and widens their understanding of the game. A residential option with 24/7 chaperoning and evening activities is available.

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