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Next Stepz

Next Stepz is VbDC’s introductory camp for first time players aged 8 to 12.

It is designed to give campers a quick start to the three-touch game by interweaving instruction on basic ball handling skills with teamwork skills.

It is an ideal and affordable way to introduce the game to youngsters who are just getting to the stage of their growth where they can perform the fundamental ball handling skills of the sport.

By the end of the 6-hour course student-athletes will have been introduced to the basic skills needed to enjoy a four-on-four game played on a badminton court over a five-foot net. From this level of proficiency the players can go on to develop skills and tactics for the competitive game.

The curriculum has been created with attention to the typical concentration and motor skills abilities of elementary-aged students.  Sessions tend to run over two hours on three consecutive weekends, though three-hour sessions over two weekends are sometimes conducted, and are of particular value to the student who is attending their second Next Stepz session.

Skills development concentrates on the most basic ball handling techniques, particularly serving and passing, and campers are taught the necessity of working with teammates, communication and getting into position being especially emphasized, in order to create an effective offense and defense.

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